Whites and Sulphurs: Clouded Sulphur
Colias philodice

Clouded Sulphur Sightings
Size: Wingspan ranges from 1.5" - 2.75"
Habitat: Open areas, fields, meadows, pastures
Occurrence Level: Common
Flight Period: Early April to early November
Larval Host Plant: Clovers

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Clouded Sulphur
Kent County, MD. August 4, 2013

Ventral view of a female white form.

Clouded Sulphur
Anne Arundel County, MD. August 16, 2013

Clouded Sulphur
Howard County, MD. September 7, 2012

Clouded Sulphur puddle party. Many butterflies sip from wet soil and mud puddles to gain important nutrients and minerals.

Clouded Sulphur
Howard County, MD. May 25, 2012

Mated pair.

Clouded Sulphur
Howard County, MD. March 14, 2012

The size and appearance of the early spring brood is greatly diminished.