Grass Skippers: Swarthy Skipper
Nastra lherminier

Swarthy Skipper Sightings
Size: Wingspan ranges from 1" - 1.13"
Habitat: Fields with tall grass
Occurrence Level: Common
Flight Period: June, August & September
Larval Host Plant: Little bluestem

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Swarthy Skipper
Howard County, MD. July 26, 2012

Swarthy Skipper
Baltimore County, MD. August 5, 2012

A Swarthy Skipper on Blazing Star.

Swarthy Skipper
Anne Arundel County, MD. September 1, 2013

Note the distinct veins on the underside.

Swarthy Skipper
Baltimore County, MD. September 2, 2012

Dorsal side is brown with no markings.