Satyrs & Wood Nymphs: Common Wood Nymph
Cercyonis pegala

Common Wood Nymph Sightings
Size: Wingspan ranges from 1.75" - 3"
Habitat: Open woodlands, meadows, fields
Occurrence Level: Common
Flight Period: July to August
Larval Host Plant: Purpletop, other grasses

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Common Wood Nymph
Allegany County, MD. August 29, 2012

Maryland Common Wood Nymphs have a large yellowish patch on the outer third of the forewing and one or two dark eyespots within the patch. The eyespots on the ventral hindwing vary considerably. This female Common Wood Nymph doesn't seem to have any!

Common Wood Nymph
Kent County, MD. August 24, 2013

This Common Wood Nymph is most likey a female with some spots on the ventral hindwing. Also note the orange antenna clubs.

Common Wood Nymph
Dorchester County, MD. September 16, 2012

Common Wood Nymph
Dorchester County, MD. June 29, 2013

Some Common Wood Nymphs from the southern Eastern Shore have a large yellow patch with reduced or no second eyespot within it. Males usually have more pronounced eye-spots on the ventral hindwing as indicated in this photo.