Brushfoots: Red Admiral
Vanessa atalanta

Red Admiral Sightings
Size: Wingspan ranges from 1.75" - 3"
Habitat: Open woods, meadows, fields
Occurrence Level: Common wanderer
Flight Period: Late May to early September
Larval Host Plant: Nettles

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Red Admiral
Howard County, MD. September 1, 2012

This very fresh Red Admiral was unusually dark, almost black.

Red Admiral
Howard County, MD. May 30, 2012

A worn Red Admiral. Wooden bridges provide a nice perching spot.

Red Admiral
St. Mary's County, MD. September 11, 2013

Ventral view with beautiful red, white and blue on the forewing.

Red Admiral
Howard County, MD. September 27, 2012

This Red Admiral was enjoying sunflower sap. This sap provides an excellent nectar source late in the season.