Brushfoots: Question Mark
Polygonia interrogationis

Question Mark Sightings
Size: Wingspan ranges from 2.25" - 3"
Habitat: Open woods, glades
Occurrence Level: Uncommon
Flight Period: April, June & early September
Larval Host Plant: Nettles, elm, hackberry

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Question Mark
Harford County, MD. September 3, 2012

A very fresh Question Mark.

Question Mark
Howard County, MD. July 19, 2012

Ventral view with the silver "question mark".

Question Mark
Howard County, MD. April 21, 2012

Summer Form. Notice the black area on the hind wings. Oftentimes, Question Marks will land on you.

Question Mark
Howard County, MD. September 27, 2012

Ventral view of both a Question Mark and Eastern Comma. The "question mark" and "comma" can be seen clearly. On a side note, the sap from sunflower plants is an attractive nectar source late in the season.