Brushfoots: Hackberry Emperor
Asterocampa celtis

Hackberry Emperor Sightings
Size: Wingspan ranges from 1.38" - 2.5"
Habitat: Woods & open areas with hackberry
Occurrence Level: Uncommon
Flight Period: Mid-June to mid-July, mid-August to mid-September
Larval Host Plant: Hackberry

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Hackberry Emperor
St. Mary's County, MD. September 14, 2013

Hackberry Emperors are a real treat! They are constantly landing on you or your car. This one stayed perch on my finger while I walked quite a tour guide, if you will.

Hackberry Emperor
Allegany County, MD. June 14, 2013

A black Jeep provides a nice warm perching spot in the morning. Notice the eye spots on the hind wing and forewing.

Hackberry Emperor
Allegany County, MD. August 17, 2013

The lastest trend in hood ornaments.

Hackberry Emperor
Charles County, MD. September 15, 2013

Ventral view.

Hackberry Emperor
Montgomery County, MD. August 17, 2014

Note the row of post median eyespots on the hindwing and the defined eyespot on the forewing.

Hackberry Emperor
Allegany County, MD. June 6, 2014

Hackberry Emperor
Frederick County, MD. August 27, 2014