Brushfoots: Eastern Comma
Polygonia comma

Eastern Comma Sightings
Size: Wingspan ranges from 1.75" - 2.5"
Habitat: Open woods, glades
Occurrence Level: Uncommon
Flight Period: April, June & early September
Larval Host Plant: Nettles, elms, hops

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Eastern Comma
Howard County, MD. April 5, 2014

This Eastern Comma was in surprisingly good shape after surviving one of our coldest winters.

Eastern Comma
Allegany County, MD. October 15, 2013

The hindwing clearly shows the silver "comma".

Eastern Comma
Howard County, MD. May 30, 2012

Wood bridges offer a nice perching spot in the late afternoon.

Eastern Comma
Montgomery County, MD. July 28, 2013

Summer form. Notice the black area on the hind wings.

Eastern Comma
Garrett County, MD. July 6, 2014