Brushfoots: American Snout
Libytheana carinenta

American Snout Sightings
Size: Wingspan ranges from 1.38" - 2"
Habitat: Open woods with hackberry
Occurrence Level: Uncommon
Flight Period: Early July to September
Larval Host Plant: Hackberry

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American Snout
Fauquier County, VA. August 4, 2014

American Snouts have very long palps which give it a "snout" like appearance.

American Snout
Baltimore County, MD. August 29, 2013

American Snout
St. Mary's County, MD. October 4, 2013

Notice the different violet-gray color on the underside hindwing of this American Snout.

American Snout
Howard County, MD. September 7, 2012